Brie-oncé, 118 loans and a new hedgehog: Six stories that are so weird they could be April Fools, but aren't

Lian Parsons

Ready the silly string and synchronise your watches: April Fools' Day is tomorrow.

But amid the corporate pranks, there are some stories out there which sound fake - but are actually true. These are just a few of our favourites.

1. Brie-oncé

Sculptor David Bradley carved a cheesy tribute to Beyonce out of 45lbs of cheddar for the East Village Cheese and Wine Festival. The sculpture, modelled on Queen Bey’s pregnancy photo, took 28 hours to complete.

And yes, it’s real and (probably) edible.

2. Selfie Gallery

An interactive exhibit opening today at the Saatchi Gallery, From Selfie to Self-Expression, explores a broad range of selfies and what they mean to modern society, as well as to the individual. Many of the photos were selected from a competition the gallery held online. They’re beautiful, creative and, of course, artistic.

3. New hedgehog-like-thing(?) at Chester Zoo

This little critter is the newest addition to Chester Zoo:

A post shared by @chesterzoo on

Four lowland streaked tenrics arrived at the zoo yesterday. They’re from Madagascar and share a common ancestry with aardvarks and elephants, though you’d never know it from their size - the species only weighs about 200 grams and the head and body range from 12 cm to 15 cm in length.

Due to poor eyesight, the tenrics use their quills and echolocation to communicate.

4. Teletubbies turn 20

How do you make a millennial feel old? Tell them the programme that informed their childhoods is celebrating its 20th birthday. It even has its own hashtag, #Teletubbies20. Amazingly, the colorful quad hasn’t aged a bit.

5. Directory enquiries? Can I get a loan?

118 118, formerly a directory enquiry service, has branched out into loans.

Its personal finance arm, 118 118 Money, received full authorisation today from the Financial Conduct Authority. Since 2013, the Cardiff-based lender has issued more than £150m in unsecured personal loans to customers who cannot receive credit from their banks.

6. Potatoes on Mars - eventually

Scientists in Lima, Peru built a Mars simulator (Mars-in-a-box, if you will) and managed to grow a potato plant inside it. The International Potato Centre collaborated with NASA on the project. Before we can have chips in space, though, the centre said it hopes to use this breakthrough to help agriculture in regions with hard conditions.

... and one which sounds real but isn't

More than one newspaper was had this morning by Krispy Kreme, which said it is changing its name to "Krispy Cream" in the UK because consumers can't pronounce it properly.

April fool, guys.">

However, a spokesperson at Krispy Kreme’s UK press office said:

"At this stage we can't confirm or deny whether this is an April Fool. We can't say either way … Which probably gives you as much information as you need.”

The spokesperson added that customers should “keep an eye” on social media for the next 48 hours.

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