EDF is making "good progress" on Hinkely Point C construction

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EDF has started construction on Britain's first new nuclear power station (Source: Getty)

A key milestone has been reached at Hinkley Point power station as EDF successfully builds some of the first permanent structures at the Somerset site.

Six months after the French firm inked a contract with the UK government, first concrete has been poured to construct Hinkley's galleries, or the network of tunnels which will carry cabling and pipes at the nuclear plant.

EDF called the work at Britain's first new nuclear power station since the 1990s a "great achievement" following approval granted by the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR).

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Construction on site now involves 1,600 workers every day while 3m tonnes of concrete and 230,000 tonnes of steel reinforcement are used in the massive project

Hinkley's project director, Philippe Bordarier said the work demonstrates the firm's ability to undertake the "serious responsibility" of constructing a nuclear power plant.

"Whilst we reflect on this great achievement we will continue to look for opportunities to improve, learn and teach others, embracing the values of the HPC project."

The £18bn project will supply enough reliable power to meet seven per cent of the UK's future electricity needs.

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