HSBC introduces 10 gender neutral titles so customers can choose from Misc or M and not just Mr or Mrs

Rebecca Smith
The bank is also making it simpler for those who are transitioning to change their gender on their bank account
The bank is also making it simpler for those who are transitioning to change their gender on their bank account (Source: Getty)

HSBC has announced it will be rolling out a number of new services from tomorrow in an effort to deliver an improved banking experience for transgender and non-binary customers.

Ten gender neutral titles will be made available to new and existing HSBC UK customers, allowing those who don’t identify as a particular gender or don’t want to be identified by gender, to choose one that works for them.

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HSBC’s 10 titles include Mx, Ind, M, Mre, Msr, Myr, Pr, Sai, Ser and Misc, and will be applied across a customer’s account including bank cards and correspondence.

Stuart Haire, HSBC’s head of retail, UK, said:

We want everyone to be able to access simple and smart banking solutions that work for them, and we will continue working with our LGBT+ colleagues and customers to ensure we’re getting it right.

The bank is also bringing in a process to make it simpler for customers who are transitioning to change their gender on their bank account. Customers will need to bring a passport, driving licence, birth certificate or a medical letter, that supports the change of gender to update their details in branch.

HSBC said it had supported this development, announced to coincide with the International Transgender Day of Visibility tomorrow, by rolling out training for all its branch and contact centre staff to help them understand the issues experienced by transgender customers.

Stuart Barette, trans lead of HSBC UK Pride Network said: “On the day that I went into the branch to change my name and my gender I was terrified to be honest. Coming out to anyone is difficult, as you don't know people are going to react. That’s why the changes we’ve been making are so important, so that our trans customers can feel confident that they’re going to have a good experience and be speaking with someone who has been trained to better understand them.”

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It follows a similar decision taken by Metro Bank, the newest entrant to the high street in 2010, at the end of last year. The bank added a non-binary gender option in its account application form in November, along with the title Mx, as opposed to Mr, Mrs, Miss or Ms.

The non-binary options have been called for by some who don’t identify as male or female, while some transgender identify as non-binary too. Many prefer to use gender-neutral pronouns such as they, their and them, instead of he or she.

A spokesperson from LGBT equality charity Stonewall said: "It’s great to see an increasing number of organisations prioritise issues affecting trans people. The banking sector has taken huge strides towards making lesbian, gay, bi and trans employees and customers feel valued."

HSBC's 10 new gender neutral titles

Titles you could choose from before: Now including:
Mr Mx
Mrs Ind
Ms M
Miss Mre

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