With the Galaxy S8, Samsung’s jumped on the Snapchat bandwagon too after Facebook Camera

Lynsey Barber
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Samsung or Snapchat? Filters and effects are now everywhere (Source: Samsung)

First Facebook, now Samsung, the list of Snapchat copiers just got longer.

The Korean smartphone maker is adding filters and fun faces directly to its camera, negating the need for any app altogether if you feel the need to enhance your image.

The new camera feature will come on the newly unveiled flagship Galaxy S8 smartphone.

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Facebook yesterday revealed Facebook Camera, a feature which lets users of the main app take pictures with different effects and then add them to the top of your news feed for 24 hours to create a “story”.

It's a concept taken straight from the Snapchat playbook and is in fact the fourth time its been inspired by its growing rival. Facebook did the same with Instagram Stories, Facebook Messenger’s Messenger Day and WhatsApp Status.

Facebook’s gone all out, but, its by far not the only one to be inspired by Snapchat.

Apple unveiled a video app called Clips last week, you guessed it, letting users add cartoon images and filter effects to their snaps and clips.

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Samsung very sensibly does not want to be left behind this particular trend either.

Poor old Snap. One analyst branded the stock with an underperform rating "because competitors can roll out Snap’s best ideas to larger user bases virtually overnight." Yipes, They're not wrong.

Though, it’s not all bad, it turn out. The US tech company of the moment this week had some good news since its dicey IPO, with several buy ratings from Wall Street analysts resulting in shares snapping back.

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