It's official: This is the most "meh" town in England

Emma Haslett
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Didcot is best known for its power station. (Source: Getty)

When you think of the archetypal English town, what do you see? A nice town square? Wobbly Tudor buildings? A duck pond?

Well, new data has revealed the most English town in the country - and it couldn't be further from the stereotype.

Analysis of official statistics has found Didcot, best known for its now-defunct cooling towers (not forgetting Didcot Parkway station), is England's most statistically "normal" town.

Data science consultancy ASI Data Science, which analysed figures from the Office for National Statistics and the 2011 Census, found the Oxfordshire town most closely resembled the statistical "median" across 11 metrics, from age distribution and ethnicity to how people felt about Brexit and house prices.

According to the data, residents of Didcot are closest to the English average in everything from lifestyle to opinions and experiences.

Encouragingly to its residents, the research added there was "no demographic metric where Didcot differed significantly from the national median". Meh.

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