Royal Mint website takes a new pounding as new pound coin is introduced

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The Royal Mint To Introduce A New Pound Coin
The new pound coin has been introduced (Source: Getty)

The Royal Mint website has taken a pounding as Britons flock to take a look at the latest addition to legal tender.

The website placed visitors in a queue as it struggled to cope with the large numbers of visitors.

The new pound coin is being introduced today, with the older coins due to become defunct on 15 October this year. The new version is now legal tender.

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The new coin is being introduced to fight fraud, with around one in 30 coins currently estimated to be counterfeit.

The Royal Mint, which is responsible for making all coins, claims the new pound will be the most secure coin in the world.

It features a 12-sided design, with a silver-coloured centre and a golden outer ring, as well as a hologram-like image which will change from a pound sign to a numerical one.

It also claims a hidden high-security feature is integrated into the coin.

Some businesses have admitted they will not be ready to take the new coins in their machines, including Transport for London and Tesco.

Royal Mint's website could not take the strain of visitor numbers

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