Google Home's UK launch date and price revealed: The virtual assistant arrives 6 April

Steve Hogarty
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Google Home is launching in the UK on 6 April at a price of £129, the company has this morning announced.

The tech giant's hands-free virtual assistant was first revealed in early 2016 and has been in available in the US since November. Much like the Amazon Echo, Google Home is a Siri-style connected device designed to answer questions, read news and weather updates, give directions and local traffic information, play music and control smart technology around the home.

The device uses far-field microphone technology to detect a user's voice from across the room, listening for the "Ok Google" hotphrase before it begins responding to commands. Google Assistant, the underlying artificial intelligence that powers Google Home, can already be found the some Android handsets, including Google's own Pixel phone.

Google also announced that its specialised system of connected wi-fi routers, simply called Google Wi-Fi, is also launching in the UK on 6 April. The router uses a type of wireless technology called mesh networking and promises to provide seamless and complete wi-fi coverage in every corner of the house. A single Google Wi-Fi router will cost £129, while a pair will cost £229.

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