Here we go again: Farage is threatening to run for MP if there's a by-election in South Thanet (but not Clacton)

Lynsey Barber
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Farage ruled out running in Clacton if there is a by-election (Source: Getty)

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage has said he would probably stand as an MP again if there were a by-election in South Thanet.

But the seven-time unlucky candidate in his attempt to make it to the House of Commons ruled out a run in Clacton.

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Clacton MP Douglas Carswell defected from Ukip on Saturday, leaving the party with not a single member of parliament. He will remain as an independent, but some are calling for a by-election, including Farage.

"This a guy who also sells himself as being very honourable and different from anybody else," said Farage.

"One of his big crusades in Parliament has been recall, real recall. The way he himself has said it is that if 20 per cent of constituents want a by-election they should have one. So what we are going to do, to show how honourable he is, we are going to write through the Electoral Reform Society to every house in Clacton and ask people whether they want him, as he's moved, to stand for a by-election."

He said he wouldn't run in Clacton, but would probably run in South Thanet if there were to be a by-election. There is currently an investigation taking place over expenses during the 2015 General Election in which Farage lost to Conservative Craig Mackinlay.

"Let's see," said Farage, on whether the by-election will be re-run, but replied when asked if he'd run "Probably. I haven't made my mind up, but probably."

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