Clocks to spring forward one hour at 1am on Sunday morning to British Summer Time/Daylight Savings Time

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The beginning of summer? At least for the clocks (Source: Getty)

The clocks are set to go forward early on Sunday morning as the UK starts to use British Summer Time.

At 1am on Sunday morning (or late on Saturday night) the clocks will move forward by one hour, to 2am, giving Brits an hour less sleep.

Don’t worry too much though, as most modern mobile phones will automatically update the time if they are connected the network.

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British Summer Time (BST), when the clocks are one hour ahead of the global benchmark Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), will last until October.

BST is sometimes also known as Daylight Savings Time, as there is more daylight in the evenings and less in the mornings.

In the UK the clocks spring forward by one hour every year at 1am on the last Sunday of March and fall back one hour at 1am on the last Sunday of October.


Clocks go forward

Clocks go back


26 March

29 October


25 March

28 October

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