Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda and Morrisons are cutting petrol and diesel prices across the UK by up to 2p

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Fuel prices have been cut further by these national retailers (Source: Getty)

Fuel prices at Tesco, Sainsbury's, Asda and Morrisons will decline by 2p a litre, the companies separately announced today.

After the retailers last week announced an up to 2p per litre price cut, a ripple effect brought down the national averages by a penny, with unleaded dropping to 118.81p and diesel to 120.89p, according to the motoring organisation RAC.

Tesco's fuel director Peter Cattell said the price cut comes ahead of Mother's Day, when millions of motorists will be hitting the road. Cattell said:

We know many of our customers will be driving to spend time with their mothers this Sunday. So to provide a little extra help we’re cutting the cost of petrol and diesel by two pence per litre at all of our 500 filling stations.

Sainsbury's echoed the Mother's Day sentiment with a 2p per litre price cut at its 306 stations.

Asda's 301 filling stations across the country will be knocking down prices from tomorrow as well. Dave Tyrer, Asda’s head of petrol trading, said:

"Asda is the only retailer to have a national price cap meaning no driver will pay more than 112.7p per litre on unleaded and 114.7p pre litre on diesel at any Asda filling station."

​Morrisons' services director Roger Fogg said a price cut will come into effect today at the company's 333 filling stations, and it will ensure Morrisons continues to be the cheapest in every town across the country.

As the wholesale price of fuel has dropped over the last two weeks, RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said it's good to see the savings were quickly passed on by retailers to customers.

"We strongly urge other retailers – large and small – to follow suit and bring the price of petrol and diesel down around the country.

"Wholesale prices have come down by 2p a litre as a result of the cost of a barrel of oil reducing to the $50 mark for the last two weeks combined with a boost in the value of the pound against the dollar. Despite oil production cuts implemented by the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) and several other oil producing nations there continues to be a glut of crude oil which is good news for drivers."

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