Social media giant Instagram will debut a new booking feature in the next few months

Lian Parsons
Soon you too can book a reservation at wherever it is this cake is from (Source: Getty Images)

You can soon book your next salon appointment or Saturday night restaurant reservation from Instagram.

The new booking feature will allow users to book appointments and reservations directly through a business’ Instagram profile, similar to other services like Yelp Reservations.

"When someone books an appointment, that's not a 'like' or a 'follow,' that's actual action," James Quarles, Instagram's head of business, said.

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The social media site announced earlier this week that it has hit the one million mark for advertisers. According to eMarketer, Instagram is expected to generate $3.64bn (£2.91bn) in advertising this year.

An estimated eight million businesses and 600m active users use the platform as well. About 80 per cent of those 600m follow at least business.

Instagram also added a shopping tag feature last year, where users could buy products they saw from ads in their feeds.

The new booking function aims to make Instagram like “a primary storefront for the businesses,” Quarles added.

In its announcement, Instagram also said it wants to help businesses grow and to deepen the relationship between people and businesses.

Release dates have not been officially announced; Instagram said it plans to debut the new feature within the next few months.

Check out a video of how booking will work here.

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