Virgin Media reckons its slowest broadband is faster than the best anyone else can deliver

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Virgin Media has its own network of fibre broadband infrastructure

Virgin Media has revamped its broadband service speeds, claiming its slowest internet is now faster than what is widely available from any other providers.

The Liberty Global-owned firm said it will offer a minimum internet speed of 100 megabits per second, better than the best it said Openreach could deliver of 76 megabits per second.

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“By beefing up our bundles we’re leaving our competitors in the rear view mirror," said Virgin Media's chief executive Tom Mockridge.

BT subsidiary Openreach owns and operates the majority of the UK's telecoms infrastructure. Most internet providers use the Openreach assets to deliver their service to customers.

Fibre broadband is often delivered to a street cabinet with the remaining few metres to the doors of households using copper cabling.

Virgin Media, however, has its own broadband network, which enables it to deliver a fibre connection to the door of properties. It is not currently able to deliver broadband to as many household across the UK as Openreach though.

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Openreach has rolled out its own fibre to the premises (FTTP) equivalent service on a limited basis, which is available on demand.

Mockridge said: “More and more switchers tell us they are joining Virgin Media for our faster speeds."

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