Holyrood, the Scottish parliament, will resume debate on Nicola Sturgeon's independence referendum motion on Tuesday

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MSPs had been expected to vote at 17:30 yesterday before debate was suspended (Source: Getty)

The Scottish parliament will resume debating first minister Nicola Sturgeon's plans for a second independence referendum on Tuesday next week, after a hearing was suspended yesterday.

MSPs had been scheduled to vote at 17:30 on Sturgeon's hopes of a second vote, but Holyrood adjourned debates yesterday afternoon in light of the attack on Westminster.

Business in the Scottish parliament has resumed as normal this morning, and Holyrood will return to discussing the plan on Tuesday afternoon, with a vote loosely scheduled for 17:00.

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Sturgeon's motion is expected to be approved by MSPs, despite the fact the Scottish National Party leader is in charge of a minority administration.

Although both the Scottish Labour and Conservative parties have said they will oppose the plan, the SNP has secured the support of the Greens, giving it the numbers to pass the motion.

The motion, which is not binding on May's Westminster government, calls for Holyrood to be handed the power to schedule a new independence vote.

Sturgeon is hoping to secure a referendum vote between Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019, although May has already ruled out support for this timeframe, declaring “now is not the time”.

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