The new laptop ban on flights must come into force by Saturday, Department for Transport says

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Laptops on planes will be a thing of the past for some people by this weekend (Source: Getty)

The new laptop ban on flights must come into force by Saturday, the Department for Transport has said.

The government yesterday announced plans to ban passengers on flights into the UK from seven Middle Eastern countries from taking large electronic devices like laptops and tablets in their hand luggage.

Earlier today, Easyjet laid out how the new ban will be applied. The budget airline said that, from today, passengers on flights from Turkey and Egypt to the UK must put large electronic devices, including e-readers, in the hold. Phones, laptops and tablets larger than 16cm in length, 9.3cm in width and 1.5cm in depth aren't allowed into the cabin.

Transport secretary Chris Grayling said today that airline security is the government's top priority, but he could not give details on the kinds of threats the government has been made aware of that led to the ban.

A government spokesperson said yesterday: "The additional security measures may cause some disruption for passengers and flights, and we understand the frustration that will cause, but our top priority will always be to maintain the safety of British nationals.

"Decisions to make changes to our aviation security regime are never taken lightly. We will not hesitate to act in order to maintain the safety of the travelling public and we will work closely with our international partners to minimise any disruption these new measures may cause."

UK Carriers Affected by Ban

British Airways



Thomas Cook


Foreign carriers affected by ban

Turkish Airlines

Pegasus Airways

Atlas-Global Airlines

Middle East Airlines


Royal Jordanian

Tunis Air


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