Barclaycard International chief exec Amer Sajed to retire to focus on civil liberties work within his local community

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"I shall always be proudest of the amazing people I have worked with here," said Sajed (Source: Getty)

Barclaycard International, the global consumer payments arm of Barclays Banking Group, today revealed its chief executive will be retiring this summer to focus on civil liberties work.

Amer Sajed will step down from his role, as well as the bank's group executive committee, in July after 10 years with the bank.

Sajed, who is Muslim and a democrat, plans to spend his retirement promoting rights he believes in within his local community. He moved to the US from Pakistan to study in the late 1970s.

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The 56-year-old took up his current job in May 2015, having previously been chief exec of Barclaycard US. Before joining Barclaycard, Sajed spent 20 years at Citigroup in various positions.

However, according to a brief profile on Barclaycard's website, his first job was cleaning the toilets at McDonalds, where he learned "getting up at 3:00 am wasn't easy, and that all jobs deserve respect".

Sajed also holds a master's degree from New York University and a bachelor's degree from Vassar College.

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"I am proud to have been part of nearly doubling the number of customers of Barclaycard and quadrupling our profits in my decade at the bank, but I shall always be proudest of the amazing people I have worked with here who have made our business the best and most innovative credit card company in the world," Sajed said. "I wish them even more success for the future."

Jes Staley, group chief executive of Barclays, added:

We wish Amer and his family every happiness, and especially in pursuing his passion for the promotion of civil liberties, and contributing to the community where he lives, which he intends to make his focus following his retirement.

Barclays said it was looking both inside and outside the company for Sajed's replacement.

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