The Scottish parliament will vote later today on Nicola Sturgeon's independence referendum motion

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MSPs are expected to vote at around 17.30 this afternoon. (Source: Getty)

The Scottish parliament is expected to back a motion calling for a new independence referendum when MSPs vote later today.

Scottish first minister Nicola Sturgeon announced the vote last week, and MSPs will cast their ballots at around 17.30.

Both the Scottish Labour and Conservative parties oppose the motion, and Sturgeon is leading a minority administration in Holyrood, but it is expected to pass thanks to support from the Greens.

The vote will come after two days of debate launched by Sturgeon and Scottish Tories leader Ruth Davidson.

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Sturgeon kicked off the discussion in Holyrood by accusing Prime Minister Theresa May of ignoring the Edinburgh parliament, and ruling out the Scottish National Party's preferred option of Single Market membership without consultation.

However, Davidson yesterday hit back by branding the SNP's approach to an independence vote as “tinpot”.

The motion, which is not binding on May's Westminster government, calls for Holyrood to be handed the power to schedule a new independence vote.

Sturgeon is hoping to secure a referendum vote between Autumn 2018 and Spring 2019, although May has already ruled out support for this timeframe, declaring “now is not the time”.

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