London weather: Heavy rain, hail and thunder set to hit the capital today as temperatures begin to fall

Nina Edy
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Thunderstorms And Rain Hit The UK After The Recent Warm Weather
London is about to get very soggy (Source: Getty)

Brace yourselves Londoners, heavy rain and bitter winds are coming your way this morning as temperatures begin to fall.

The chilly spells of rain are caused by low pressure systems moving across the Southern parts of the UK. By mid-morning it will feel much more like 3 degrees as downpours begin to spread across the capital, continuing right through lunchtime and into the early afternoon.

And that’s not all, it could also become thundery and certain areas may also be hit by hail, according to the Met Office.

Heavy showers are expected to ease in the afternoon with brighter spells and scattered rain. By nightfall most parts will be dry and rather cloudy, with rain returning to some areas from around midnight onwards.

The rainy weather will continue into Thursday morning, with afternoon brightness developing later on. Temperatures could reach a maximum 11 °C, though it may not necessarily feel like it.

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