Former chancellor George Osborne has been appointed editor of London daily the Evening Standard - Twitter reacts

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George Osborne has been racking up several new roles in the last few weeks (Source: Getty)
eorge Osborne has announced yet another new job, and Twitter has gone a bit nuts...

The former chancellor has just been appointed Editor of the Evening Standard and it's fair to say the news came as a surprise to basically everyone.

After getting over the initial hilarity of the situation...

Twitter hacks everywhere started doing a bit of digging on Britain's former chancellor.

There have been some serious concerns expressed about how Osborne can handle six jobs...

... and about potential conflicts of interest given that he has not stepped down from his position as MP for Tatton.

To add to the mix, the announcement came just as the Conservative Party Spring Forum got underway...

and of course, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has reacted with customary aplomb.

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