Demeter Fragrance Library has launched a cat perfume called Kitten Fur to remind you of your favourite feline friend

Lian Parsons
Meow! You too can now smell like your cat
Meow! You too can now smell like your cat (Source: Demeter Fragrance Library)

Demeter Fragrance Library, a New York-based perfume company, has just released their best scent yet: kittens.

The Kitten Fur formula was 15 years in the making and the company has said it “has captured the olfactory essence of the warmth and comfort of that purrfect spot, just behind a kitten's neck.”

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It comes in a variety of products including shower gel, roll on perfume oil and body lotion. The prices are also quite affordable, ranging from $3 (about £2.50) for a .10 oz cologne spray sampler to $39.50 (£32) for the full 4 oz cologne spray.

Reactions to this feline fragrance have been mixed on social media:

“I imagine the top notes are a combination of litter dust and cat spit?”, said Michelle Bowman on Demeter’s Facebook page.

Another commenter, Allison Gerard, said she’d already ordered a bottle yesterday.

“I miss my cat so much, if this reminds me of him I'll be happy,” Gerard added. “They really do have a special smell - sort of sweet and warm.”

Many others have also demanded a companion puppy breath scent. Yes, really.

And social may have been where Demeter first got inspiration for the interesting scent. Back in 2011 it asked for people's favourite pet smells, and "kitten fur" was a reply.

If cats aren’t quite up your alley, Demeter also has a variety of other unconventional scents like waffles, turpentine, spicy pineapple salsa and sawdust.

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Weird fragrances seem to be all the rage this season; Peperami released an after shave last month called “Porc” which, according to the company, has an “exquisitely porky musk”.

Get a load (or a whiff) of that.

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