Secret Cinema returns with a belting rendition of Moulin Rouge

Ashwin Bhardwaj
Secret Cinema Presents: Moulin Rouge

At the end of the 19th century, the Parisian district of Montmartre was a bohemian blend of aristocrats, artists, writers and dancers. Now you can visit the era without having to stray beyond Canning Town.

You probably know the premise of Secret Cinema by now – watch a film and experience the world in which it’s set, played out by dozens of actors – and the concept works especially well here, with the cheapest, standing-only tickets (£49) encouraging the audience to dance and sing along with the film.

As ever, you get out what you put in, with those in the best costumes and most willing to interact with the actors being drawn furthest into the evening’s improvised narratives, which include auditions, street troupes and drawing classes.

More introverted audience members, on the other hand, may want to just sit in the jazz bar and sip cocktails all night. Either way, the sense of immersion is total, and 1899 Montmartre is a timely relief from 2017.

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