Police in Paris at the scene of explosion at International Monetary Fund (IMF) building

Caitlin Morrison
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The explosion happened after someone opened an envelope (Source: Getty)

Police in Paris are at the scene of an explosion at the IMF headquarters.

The Paris police department said on Twitter an operation was ongoing at the offices of the IMF and World Bank after a person was hurt following the apparent explosion of a suspect package.

"An envelope exploded after it was opened and one person was slightly injured in the offices of the IMF," a police source told Reuters.

A suspicious package containing explosives was delivered to Germany's ministry of finance yesterday, but was intercepted by police.

The police described the contents of the parcel, which was delivered to the ministry on Wednesday morning, to contain "Blitzpallmisch", which is used in the production of pyrotechnics.

"It would have been appropriate to cause serious injuries when opening the package," a statement issued by the police continued.

"Further investigations into the subject matter and the background of the act are ongoing."

Greek far-left group the Conspiracy of Fire Cells claimed responsibility for the device sent to Wolfgang Schauble.