UK tech workers are quite unhappy, it turns out

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UK tech workers are less happy than those in Silicon Valley

Tech workers in the UK are less likely to be working in their dream job or believe they can land it in future, and are twice as likely to hate their job than the rest of the world.

New research reveals they are rather unhappy, at least compared to those in the US and Australia.... perhaps it's the weather?

Just 35 per cent of the more than 2,000 people surveyed by Hired for a new report said they have their dream job. That compares to nearly half (47 per cent) in the US and 42 per cent in Australia.

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More people in the UK tech industry are hopeful that it's possible, however, with 58 per cent saying they believed it was possible to land their dream job. But, that lags behind the US and Australia again, with 73 per cent in both countries expressing the same confidence.

Fewer in the UK said they thought their work matters - 76 per cent versus 85 per cent elsewhere - or utilised their greatest strengths - 62 per cent versus more than 70 per cent elsewhere.

More UK tech workers are looking to move onto their next job and they are twice as likely to hate their jobs than those in Silicon Valley or on the Sunshine coast.

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