Itching to get away? Here are the 10 most well-travelled jobs

Rebecca Smith
Dreaming of sunnier work perks? Better get into management consultancy
Dreaming of sunnier work perks? Better get into management consultancy (Source: Getty)

Fancy seeing more of the world as a work perk, but not sure which profession would give you the best chance of doing so?

Well, wonder no longer, for Gatwick has analysed how often and where people in different jobs travel for business.

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These are the top careers travelling 12 times or more a year on business:

Career Percentage that travel 12 times a year or more for business
1. Management consultants 53 per cent
2. Finance professionals 44 per cent
3. Salespeople 43 per cent
4. Media (journalists, TV production etc.) 38 per cent
5. IT/Infrastructure professionals 36 per cent
6. Engineers 32 per cent
7. Marketing/PR 26 per cent
8. Doctors, surgeons, other healthcare professionals 23 per cent
9. Scientists 20 per cent
10. Education professionals 18 per cent

The most popular destinations to travel to for business were in Europe, including Spain (24 per cent), France where a fifth visited, Italy and Germany (both 19 per cent) and the Netherlands (11 per cent).

And 15 per cent flew to the States for business.

Gatwick compiled the stats from responses of 1,815 business passengers at the airport. Half of those who travelled for business said it was a perk of the job, while two-thirds planned ahead and combined a business trip with annual leave to take advantage of sightseeing whilst they were away.

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It's not all fun and games though. Just under a quarter said they'd opt to switch to a career with more travel if the opportunity arose. On the other hand, the jet lag might be getting too much for almost a fifth of respondents, who said they'd prefer to travel less.

Guy Stephenson, chief commercial officer, Gatwick Airport, said:

One in five of our passengers travel for business so it’s important for us to understand our business travellers better.

European destinations are the most popular for our business passengers but an increasing number are using Gatwick’s growing long haul network which now boasts over 50 routes across the globe. We expect our long haul network to grow further this year so we can expect to see more business passengers travelling further afield than ever before.

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