Gin is in, dumb phones are out: Meet the new ONS basket of goods for measuring inflation


Non-dairy drinkers are now represented in the refreshed ONS basket of goods (Source: Getty)

Poor old Nokia... no sooner has it made a comeback with the surprisingly popular 3310 than bean counters decide such "dumb phones" should be ditched from the shopping basket used to measure how prices are rising in the UK.

The Office for National Statistics has revealed its annual update to its basket of goods for measuring inflation, which can be a fascinating insight to the nation's changing buying habits.

Returning to the shopping basket is the drink of the moment gin, after a 13-year absence. No wonder with sales set to overtake Scottish whisky and Brits knocking back more than one billion litres of the stuff.

Also breaking through into the mainstream is non-dairy milk, which the lactose intolerant will say is, ahem, soy good....

The rise of cycling in Britain has also brought back the cycle helmet after a 12-year absence and the children's scooters have replaced children's swings.

“The annual basket review enables us to keep up to date with all the latest trends, ensuring our inflation measures reflect the changing costs experienced by consumers," said ONS statistician Phil Gooding.

Another notable addition to the goods basket - council tax. “The addition of council tax to CPIH will ensure it remains our most comprehensive measure of consumer inflation," Gooding added.

What's in?
Flavoured water
Cough mixture
Half-chocolate coated biscuits
Base layer top
Cycle helmet
Child's scooter
Non-dairy milk
Council tax bill

Canned apple cider and bottled flavoured cider (replacing apple cider)

What's out?

Mobile phone handsets that are not smartphones

Menthol cigarettes
Brake pads
Single drainer sink
Apple cider
Child's swing

Fees for stopping a cheque

Check out how the basket of goods changed last year.

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