London transport chaos: City commuters facing rush hour delays due to flooding at Cannon Street station with services redirected to Blackfriars and Victoria

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Commuters are having difficulty reaching Cannon Street station this morning (Source: Getty)

City commuters are facing delays during this evening's rush hour, with disruption due to flooding at Cannon Street station set to continue until 7pm.

Southeastern rail had earlier stated that service disruptions would end by 2pm, but the rail operator has since said trains may be cancelled or revised this evening.

A water leak in a building above Cannon Street station yesterday afternoon led to flooding on platforms 1 and 2. Platform 1 was reopened for a short while today, but the leak has since worsened and both remain out of use.

Plumbing staff were in the building overnight, but the water is still leaking into the station meaning the two platforms cannot be used.

"We need to use all the platforms at the station to run all the trains to London Cannon Street in the timetable," said Southeastern.

"Staff are still on site and trying to fix the problem and clear the platform so that we can run trains, but this may not be possible until after the evening peak."

Trains that would normally run from Cannon Street towards the Medway towns will start from London Blackfriars this evening. These trains are:

  • 16:36 Cannon Street to Ramsgate
  • 17:08 Cannon Street to Dover
  • 17:30 Cannon Street to Broadstairs
  • 17:52 Cannon Street to Broadstairs
  • 18:12 Cannon Street to Ramsgate
  • 18:44 Cannon Street to Ramsgate

The following service that normally runs from Cannon Street will be diverted to run from Victoria instead:

  • 17:24 Cannon Street to Ramsgate

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