Jeremy Corbyn says a maximum wage is still being considered by Labour

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The Labour Party Autumn Conference 2015 - Day 3
Corbyn first proposed a maximum wage as part of a leadership relaunch in January (Source: Getty)

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has rekindled the prospect of Labour introducing a maximum salary, months after suggesting a pay ratio scheme.

Speaking on the Today programme, Corbyn said Labour is consulting on the appropriate level for a pay ratio, but he added that a hard salary cap was still on the table.

“On maximum pay we want to introduce a ratio, we're consulting on what the ratio would be,” Corbyn said.

“It could well include a maximum pay level, but let's look at the issue in the context of inequality and injustice in society. That's really what economic debate should be about.”

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The Labour leader also reiterated his commitment to increases in corporation tax, income tax and inheritance tax boundaries.

“We would seek to raise taxation income at the top end, rather than the bottom end,” Corbyn said.

“Our programme is not complete, I fully concede that. It could not be, we are still working that out.”

But Corbyn's comments risked raising further confusion after he rejected a £60bn figure for Labour spending.

Only yesterday his recently promoted shadow business secretary Rebecca Long-Bailey admitted the figure was “broadly accurate” on The Andrew Marr Show.

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