Rolls-Royce crushed 1,000 diamonds to take luxury cars to a whole new level with this bespoke Ghost

Lian Parsons
All that glitters is not gold... in this case, it's diamond
All that glitters is... well, in this case, it's diamond (Source: Rolls-Royce)

Just in time for the end of the Geneva Motor Show, luxury car maker Rolls Royce has rolled out its newest luxury: diamond paint.

The paint colour itself is dark grey, but contains the dust of 1,000 “ethically sourced” diamonds, according to the company. In photos, the paint glitters rather underwhelmingly in the light, but hey, it's probably more impressive in person.

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The diamonds went through extensive testing to The diamonds went through extensive testing to "ensure their radiance" (Source: Rolls-Royce)

The car which received the luxury paint job is an extended-wheel Ghost (natch). The paint, named Diamond Stardust, took two months to create and made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this week.

Rolls-Royce's Technical Laboratories had to get creative to figure out how to put the very hard diamond dust into paint, while still keeping the surface silky smooth to touch, it said. The diamonds went through hefty testing to "ensure their radiance".

A private buyer personally commissioned the paint, so Rolls Royce is keeping mum on the price for now. The manufacturer did say, however, that it’s the most expensive paint job it’s ever done. (A standard Ghost starts at a bit more than £243,000, so you do the math). Not surprisingly, the paint is protected with an extra layer of lacquer.

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The final touches to the one-off Ghost were applied by "master coachline painter" Mark Court with a squirrel-hair paint brush. Potentially the only time it's ever been exciting to watch paint dry...

The paint is on an extended-wheelbase Ghost (Source: Rolls-Royce)

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