Theresa May's Article 50 Brexit bill could be approved by parliament as soon as Monday

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The UK voted to leave the European Union on 23 June (Source: Getty)

Prime Minister Theresa May could be handed the power to begin Brexit negotiations as early as Monday, with the House of Lords on notice to rapidly approve legislation.

MPs are set to debate the Article 50 Bill from Monday, with focus on amendments installed by the House of Lords.

However, while time has been allotted for the House of Commons to debate the Bill until Wednesday, the House of Lords will be prepared for a new vote as early as Monday night.

The scheduling indicates May’s desire to push ahead with beginning the Brexit process, with speculation rife that the Prime Minister could trigger negotiations within days of legislation clearing parliament.

The House of Lords added two amendments to the Brexit legislation in the shape of protection for the rights of EU citizens and a demand for a “meaningful” vote for parliament at the end of negotiations.

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And now it is the Commons’ turn to debate the changes put in place.

The government has repeatedly stressed a desire to see the legislation passed “unamended”, and MPs previously rejected two similar amendments during their own debates on the Bill.

After MPs’ consideration, peers will again vote on the bill in a process known as “ping pong”, with both sides needed to agree before it can be granted Royal Assent

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