Airbus has unveiled its own online booking tool for its superjumbo A380

Rebecca Smith
Source: Airbus

Airbus has unveiled its first "online booking assistant" for passengers and travel agents.

It has created featuring a flight search system that sorts results by aircraft type, allowing passengers to choose the A380 flight of their choice - with the ability to opt for wider seats and more entertainment options.

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The site allows people to browse all flights on the world's largest passenger jet, as well as destinations and the variety of on-board services offered by differing airlines. Would-be travellers choose their departure location, destination and travel dates and then results show all relevant flights on the A380, indicating price, the carrier, and itinerary.

Once selected, users are then redirected to the carrier's website to finalise the booking.

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The double-deck A380 is used across 13 airlines, including Air France, British Airways, Emirates, Etihad Airways and Lufthansa, and spans 55 destinations in 32 countries.

The 13 airlines using A380s
The 13 airlines using A380s (Source: Airbus)

The European aerospace giant scaled back its annual production schedule for the A380 in July last year after failing to secure new orders, and set out spending reductions aimed at matching revenue and costs for the model this year.

The company said it would supply 12 of the aircraft per year from 2018, down from the 17 delivered in 2015.

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