London has been named the least friendly place in the UK again (but it's getting friendlier)

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Just your average day out in the capital... (Source: Getty)

No prizes for guessing what the UK's unfriendliest city is: yep, yet again, London has been given the dubious honour.

But new figures suggest the capital, which has just been ranked bottom in a list of the UK's 30 friendliest cities suggest the capital has become marginally more welcoming in the past six months: the study, by Provident Personal Credit, showed three per cent more Britons thought London was friendly than six months ago.

The study ranked York as the friendliest city in the UK, followed by Gloucester and Swansea.

Alongside London at the bottom end of the table were Oxford, Portsmouth and Chelmsford.

It was but a year ago that Londoners were named the grumpiest folk in Britain, with people in Barking, Dagenham, Edgeware, Southall and Greenford all ranked among the most ill-tempered areas in the UK.

According to research by dating site Elite Singles, people living in those areas were least likely to agree with the phrase "I laugh often".

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The UK's friendliest (and unfriendliest) cities

1. York
2. Gloucester
3. Swansea
4. Aberdeen
5. Aberystwyth
6. Wrexham
7. Birmingham
8. Southampton
9. Edinburgh
10. Cardiff
11. Worcester
12. Manchester
13. Coventry
14. Glasgow
15. Wolverhampton
16. Newcaste
17. Leicester
18. Plymouth
19. Leeds
20. Belfast
21. Bristol
22. Cambridge
23. Norwich
24. Liverpool
25. Sheffield
26. Brighton and Hove
27. Chelmsford
28. Portsmouth
29. Oxford
30. London

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