Monzo and Revolut cardholders can't use their cards and might not for the rest of the day due to supplier issues

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Monzo and Revolut, both fintech startups, have found themselves disrupted (Source: Monzo)
onzo cardholders are unable to use the digital challenger bank to make payments or send money and might not be able to for the rest of the day.

In a notification sent to customers, the startup said there have been issues since just before 10 am on Sunday morning due to one of its suppliers running "an unexpected large migration" with no estimate of when services will return.

The issue is also affecting Revolut, another fintech startup which issues cards to customers.

Both firms are advising customers to use another card and apologised for any inconvenience.

"Your money is safe and this is only a temporary issue," Monzo assured customers.

"We will be conducting a full review of how and why this happened and what can be done, both us and the supplier, to ensure this does not happen again."

Many users on Twitter aired their annoyance with the disruption. However, one user even gave Monzo a thumbs up for its communication.

"Thanks for the info, you're the first bank I've used that give a push notification when stuff isn't working. Thumbs up".

Update: A third startup in the fintech space, Loot, has also been affected.

Update: A fourth firm, Curve, has also been affected

Update: More than half a dozen firms have been affected - read the full story here - while Monzo has published a blog post explaining what has gone wrong to customers.

Update: In its most recent update to customers, Monzo said card payments had started working again but topups, payments to other users and were still not functioning.

Update: Full service has been returned to Monzo early on Monday morning, with the majority of services also returned to other firms affected.

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