Best job interview ever? New Zealand offers to pay for your whole trip if you'll do a job interview in Wellington

Rebecca Smith
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The fight for tech talent is heating up.

New Zealand has well and truly raised the bar as officials in Wellington are after 100 of the best people possible to fill 100 tech jobs. To entice the talented from far and wide, they're offering to pay for people's trips to New Zealand from across the globe for pre-arranged job interviews (obviously), but also "meet-ups and exploration" over four days.

That's with all flights and accommodation paid for. And at the end of the week, there'll be "offers to jobs you never knew existed with a lifestyle you never thought possible". Tempting?

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All you'll need to do is pay for food and drink.

The campaign - LookSee Wellington - is a partnership between the Wellington Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA) and Workhere New Zealand, a private sector business specialising in global recruitment marketing. The project is also being supported by Immigration New Zealand and NZ Tech, a major tech industry association.

It wants to "address the city's IT skill shortage", so is on the hunt for new software developers, creative directors and analysts.

And you can even bring a partner along for the trip - though they're not getting a free trip (though the hotel room can accommodate both without additional cost). The campaign does say if you flag it, their travel agency will manage the bookings for you.

So, what's needed of the potential interviewees?

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For one, you need to meet all the employers that express an interest in interviewing you and any would be Wellington visitors need to register their interest, answer some questions and upload your CV. That might be followed by a video interview and employers involved can nominate those they'd like to win one of the hundred spots in Wellington so they can meet you in person.

The more nominations you receive, the more likely you are to win a spot.

Get your applications in by 20 March. The interviews will take place from 8 to 11 May.

Obviously there's no guarantee of a job, but you would be guaranteed a trip to New Zealand...

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