Peugeot has unveiled its Instinct concept: A driverless car featuring a virtual assistant

Rebecca Smith
And you don't even have to take the wheel - unless you want to
And you don't even have to take the wheel - unless you want to (Source: Peugeot)

Peugeot has provided insight into its driverless ambitions with the unveiling of its Instinct concept.

It's a shooting brake style which provides the option of "fully autonomous driving". The car features both drive and autonomous modes though, offering the driver the choice of four different settings.

And of course, it doesn't just stop at "driverless" when it comes to buzzwords: the car also features on-board technology including an Internet of Things platform, the Samsung Artik Cloud.

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That syncs up with the users' other devices, so the car can get up to speed with the driver's lifestyle and preferences when it comes to how they like the seat, the driving mode and even ambient lighting. Snazzy.

Passengers can also all communicate with the vehicle via a chatbot - a personal assistant offering a vast array of services, including booking cinema tickets or buying online.

Unfortunately for anyone eyeing up the design, this isn't going into production, but concept designer Matthias Hossann hinted where the French car firm has its ambitions, looking to create a stylish driverless car that was genuinely usable as a family vehicle. It has four seats and a similar interior to the 308 hatchback.

Hossann said: "We are creating new forms of driving pleasure. These may come from the interfaces, the architecture or the styling. There is no reason why a self-driving car should be dull to look at or to experience.”

Peugeot strategy boss Aude Brille said she expected to see the fully autonomous technology in Peugeot cars by 2025, a similar timescale to the likes of Volkswagen and Mercedes.

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Peugeot owner PSA is currently in talks with General Motors to take over its European business, including Vauxhall, which would create the second biggest European car firm, behind Volkswagen.

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