All the maps you'll need to avoid travel trouble during next week's Tube strike


Wish you were here? No, so check out the below maps (Source: Getty)

Okay, so at the moment there's going to be a hefty Tube strike from Sunday - and it's going to be hugely disruptive, with most Zone 1 stations shut.

So to get yourselves ready for the torment and to get as well-prepared as possible, here are some maps to make sure you've considered the best route into London next week.

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First up: A map of the walking steps it'll take between stations on the same line... 

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Walking steps between stations on the same line (Source: TfL)


2. All the Central London journeys that'd actually be quicker to walk

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Who knows? Maybe your journey could be more pleasant... (Source: TfL)

3. Handy bus and walking maps of the capital

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Not used to taking the bus? Have no fear, this should help (Source: TfL)

Google Maps failing you? Use this if you're walking (Source: TfL)

4. The map showing what stations will be closed on Tube strike days (greyed out is a no go, in colour will have limited services)

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Charing Cross frequenter? Not today... (Source: TfL)

5. The map showing you really want to avoid roads too...

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If you have to drive, use the North and South circular if possible (Source: TfL)

And if you want more detail on what's shutting up when and what exactly is running - here's what you need to know about next week's Tube strike.

Until then, fingers crossed today's last-ditch talks between the RMT union and Tube bosses resolve the dispute so these maps aren't needed at all...