The way you drink your coffee says a lot about your age

Nina Edy
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Millennials are more adventurous with their coffee choices (Source: Getty)

Believe it or not - the way you like your coffee depends on your age, and the more millennial you are, the more adventurous you are with your coffee choices, according to a new study.

Espresso machine maker Eversys found older generations of coffee drinkers prefer to keep things basic and stick to traditional brews, with 41 per cent of baby boomers (those aged 55 and over) and 22 per cent of those labelled as “Generation X” (aged 35 – 54) preferring filter coffee.

On the other hand, “young” millennials, who are more open to try new coffees, tend to go for blended iced coffees, while “older” millennials - those in their 30s - prefer lattes.

Iced coffee, which becomes particularly popular during the warmer months, was prefered by 11 per cent of millennials, compared to just four per cent of baby boomers.

Then again, there was some consensus: the classic cappuccino was popular across all age groups, which just goes to show some things transcend generations.

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