MPs will debate Donald Trump's state visit next month

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The UK Reacts To Trump's Muslim Travel Ban
Thousands protested outside Trump outside Downing Street last night (Source: Getty)

MPs will next month hold a debate on whether US President Donald Trump should be granted a state visit to the the UK in light of his harsh new immigration regime.

Trump instituted new rules last weekend, temporarily blocking passport holders from seven Muslim majority countries in Africa and the Middle East from travelling to America.

The foreign office has stressed that the restrictions will have no impact on British passport holders, but the issue proved controversial enough for more than 1.6m people to sign a petition to reject a state visit.

A counter-petition has been signed by just over 100,000 people.

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And MPs will now debate the petitions on 20 February, with Labour backbencher Paul Flynn set to open proceedings.

MPs would not be able to formally block Trump from being invited to the UK, but could pass a motion condemning his visit.

It comes almost exactly a year after the House of Commons staged a similar debate on Trump's comments on the campaign trail.

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