These are the funniest tweets from the UK protests against Donald Trump's travel ban

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The UK Reacts To Trump's Muslim Travel Ban
Tens of thousands turned up to protests around the country (Source: Getty)

Tens of thousands of people took to the streets last night to protest against US President Donald Trump's ban on visitors from seven Middle Eastern countries.

Controversy has brewed in the UK over whether Trump should come on a state visit. He has been invited, but more than one million people have signed a petition saying the invite should be revoked.

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Last night, Londoners protested against Trump outside 10 Downing Street, but campaigners also filled the city centres of Leeds, Manchester, Glasgow, York, Newcastle, Oxford and Cambridge.

Here are the best signs and tweets from the demonstrations:

Trump, of course, was pummelled with abuse

But the Cambridge protest seemed more civilised

Scotland was true to form as well

Creatives were out in force

Some people were not cool with how TV and reality have started to blur

​But others wished our favourite film characters would take the helm

History was, of course, a big theme

But one important public figure was left out of the action

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