Theresa May heads to Turkey to talk trade and security

Helen Cahill
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British Prime Minister Visits Turkey
Turkey is a key ally in the fight against so-called Islamic State (Source: Getty)

Prime Minister Theresa May is on quite a trip this weekend - having just met US President Trump, she has now hopped on a flight to Turkey to meet President Recep Tayyid Erdogan.

Trade and security will be at the top of May's agenda as she seeks to carve out the UK's new position in global politics following the Brexit vote.

The UK and Turkey will be setting up a working group to build a free trade agreement, but negotiations will not start until the UK has left the European Union.

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The government will begin the Brexit process when Article 50 is triggered at the end of March, a process that will take two years.

Aside from trade, May will be talking about security, as Turkey is a key ally in the fight against the so-called Islamic State. But she is also under pressure to talk to Erdogan about human rights, which Amnesty International has said have "deteriorated markedly" in Turkey.

Meeting with Trump yesterday, May said that talks between the two nations were an "indication of the strength and importance of the special relationship between our two countries".

"Trade between our two countries is worth £150bn plus. The US is the single biggest source of investment into the UK," she said.