Och, aye: Emoji English, Scottish and Welsh flags could be released in the next six months

Emma Haslett
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No, we couldn't find a picture of all three flags together. No, the union flag is not a replacement for the Welsh flag. (Source: Getty)
martphone fans in three UK countries are about to get more specific about their patriotism, after the body which decides on emojis declared it will add the English, Scottish and Welsh flags to its ranks.

At a meeting of the Unicode Technical Committee, members - including representatives from Google and Apple -voted to add England, Scotland and Wales flags, along with the flags of California, Ontario, Zurich Canton in Switzerland and Mache in France.

According to Emojipedia, Scotland, Wales and England flags are the three-most requested by users - followed by the flag of Texas.

Although a release date hasn't been announced for the next emoji update, Emoji 5.0, one is expected within the next six months, it added.

A recent update to emojis has added people with ginger hair, while an update in June last year added 72 new ones, including "a-choo", greenface, facepalm and a fist bump.

Meanwhile, this fiendishly difficult emoji London Underground station name quiz baffled people in the capital, who couldn't figure out which Tube station can be represented by a clock, a bus and a Canadian flag. At least with the Zurich flag, there's a new way to denote Swiss Cottage...