Barnet is the London borough with the biggest risk of burglary

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Barnet is also the borough where burglaries cost the most (Source: Getty)

Barnet is the London borough where the risk of burglary is highest, according to new research.

And the north London borough is also the area where residents pay the highest price for burglaries - at a whopping £7.6m per year overall.

Approved Index calculated the cost of burglaries based on insurance costs, and by using the average cost of a burglary - £2,883 to replace or repair items or damaged fixtures - worked out the overall cost of burglaries to residents in each of the London boroughs, by multiplying the average cost of a burglary by the number of burglaries in each borough.

Researchers calculated the annual risk for residences in each borough, by dividing the number of burglaries that occurred in a year by the number of residences.

"Interestingly, the risk of burglary and cost of burglary did not line up exactly, and some areas that may seem less likely to suffer from crime appeared quite high on this particular list," Approved Index said, pointing out that Kensington and Chelsea is the borough where residents have the fourth highest risk of being burgled - but doesn't even make the top 10 when it comes to costs.

How the boroughs rank for cost and risk of burglaries annually

1 Barnet £7,620,770 Barnet 1.65% 1
2 Enfield £5,884,141 Haringey 1.57% 2
3 Brent £5,685,831 Enfield 1.47% 3
4 Haringey £5,164,559 Kensington & Chelsea 1.46% 4
5 Ealing £5,076,736 Camden 1.45% 5
6 Lambeth £4,892,591 Islington 1.45% 6
7 Croydon £4,841,597 Brent 1.44% 7
8 Bromley £4,535,633 Harrow 1.42% 8
9 Redbridge £4,331,657 Hammersmith & Fulham 1.35% 9
10 Harrow £4,294,828 Westminster 1.32% 10

Map of the riskiest areas

The darker the red, the greater the risk of burglaries per residence. (Source: Approved Index)

Last year, Dulwich was named the worst place in the country for burglary.

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