BAE Systems to boost O2 multi-platform cyber defences

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BAE Systems has invested in its cyber security offering (Source: Getty)

Mobile phone firm O2 has joined forces with one of Britain’s best known defence contractors in a bid to bolster its defences against a future cyber attack.

BAE Systems has been drafted in to provide customers with a “device to cloud” cyber security service.

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Customers will be protected by a “stand-alone security solution” that straddles all mobile, fixed line and Wi-fi networks.

“Our customers tell us that cyber-crime is among their top security concerns,” said Billy D’Arcy, O2’s managing director of enterprise and public sector business.

“This partnership enables us to expand our security offering, providing access to BAE systems unparalleled cyber security expertise.”

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In December BAE Systems, formed in 1989 following the merger of British Aerospace and Marconi, revealed plans to invest heavily in cyber security. It said a third of its graduate employees would be dedicated to providing cyber crime services.

Scott Mcvicar, BAE System’s general manager provided further detail on what customers could expect.

Our enterprise managed security solution protects any internet enabled device, and it always has a human in the loop when it comes to threat detection and remediation. This ensures we can help to identify threats to O2 customers before they become business critical issues.

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