Do you have the best job in the UK? Finance managers rejoice

Rebecca Smith
She must be a finance manager...
She must be a finance manager... (Source: Getty)

Finance managers, prepare to do a lap of honour around the office (if you really want your colleagues to hate you).

For Glassdoor has crowned yours the best job for 2017, followed by tax managers and design managers.

Now the rankings are totted up by assessing jobs that are in demand, pay well and funnily enough, where people enjoy what they do. It doesn't, Glassdoor says, show the super high-earning roles that many won't achieve. Alas.

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And with many thinking New Year, new job, perhaps job-seekers will decide they're well-equipped enough to take on a new role as a finance manager. Many of us are applying for jobs we're not qualified for anyway...

The 10 best jobs in the UK for 2017

1. Finance manager

  • Median Base Salary: £68,000

2. Tax manager

  • Median Base Salary: £59,228

3. Design manager

  • Median Base Salary: £55,000

4. Audit manager

  • Median Base Salary: £59,500

5. HR manager

  • Median Base Salary: £50,000

6. Data Scientist

  • Median Base Salary: £45,000

7. Supply chain manager

  • Median Base Salary: £53,000

8. Solutions architect

  • Median Base Salary: £65,000

9. Scrum Master

  • Median Base Salary: £55,000

10. Communications manager

  • Median Base Salary: £46,800

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Also in the top 25 were mobile developers (taking spot number 22), business analysts (in at 23) and risk managers (at 14).

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