Motorists to save £100m a year on MOT under new government plans

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Owners of new cars will get an MOT-free period of 4 years instead of 3 (Source: Getty)

Motorists with a new car will be able to wait an extra year before their first MOT test, under new proposals from the Department for Transport unveiled today.

The plan will mean that new cars and motorcycles will not require an MOT for the first four years on the road, as opposed to the current three years. The alteration could save motorists more than £100m a year.

The government is consulting on what would be the first change to the MOT-free period in 60 years.

The current period was set in 1967, when it was reduced from 10 years. Northern Ireland already has a four-year MOT-free period, as do many other European countries including France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Denmark and Norway. The proposals will affect England, Scotland and Wales.

Transport Minister Andrew Jones said: “New vehicles are much safer than they were 50 years ago and so it is only right we bring the MOT test up to date to help save motorists money where we can.”

The changes could come in by 2018, subject to public consultation.

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