Theresa May on Trump, Trident and trade deals

Lynsey Barber
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Theresa May was interviewed on the Andrew Marr Show on Sunday (Source: Getty)

A "possible future trading agreement" will be discussed between the UK and the US when Prime Minister Theresa May visits President Donald Trump this week.

The two will talk about "how we can build the special relationship", said May, speaking on the BBC's Andrew Marr show.

May also expressed confidence in the UK's ability to negotiate a deal with the EU after Brexit.

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As well as a potential trade deal, the Prime Minister, who will be the first foreign leader to meet with the President since his inauguration, said she is also planning to talk with Trump about defeating terrorism, the conflict in Syria and "areas we will work together on, for example the importance of Nato".

On Trump's inauguration speech, which many called divisive, May said she believed it was in keeping with his campaign.

However, she avoided questioning on the matter of Trident. According to the Sunday Times, a failed test of the Trident submarine missile system was not disclosed to MPs just weeks before parliament voted on its renewal.

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