The great Gatwick switch starts next week: British Airways, easyJet and Virgin Atlantic swap terminals

Rebecca Smith
Gatwick's great switch takes place next week
Gatwick's great switch takes place next week (Source: Gatwick)

Gatwick is braced for some rather confused passengers next week as it starts its mass airline merry-go-round.

So the airport is doing what it can to make sure any travellers know the changes ahead of time. It has issued advice for British Airways, easyJet and Virgin Atlantic passengers, telling them to check which terminal they'll be travelling through, as the airlines are swapping places next week.

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Here are the moves:

  1. British Airways is moving to the South Terminal
  2. Virgin Atlantic is moving to the North Terminal
  3. easyJet (which currently operates out of both terminals) will consolidate its operation in the North Terminal

The first of the major airlines to head to its new home will be easyJet. From Tuesday 24 January, it will operate entirely from the North Terminal. Then on the 25, all BA flights will be from the South Terminal and all Virgin Atlantic flights will go from the North Terminal.

Gatwick says the shuffle will simplify the journey through the airport for passengers (once they get used to the switch anyway), and they'll also benefit from some swanky new facilities being rolled out.

Signs will be in place across the airport and 70 handy helpers will also be about to point passengers in the right direction.

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Here's Gatwick's advice:

  • Check which terminal you need before travelling and arrange pick up and meeting points. Allow plenty of time at the airport
  • If you find themselves at the wrong terminal, hop on the free transit shuttle that travels between the North and South Terminals in just two minutes
  • Opt for a long stay car park close to the terminal that you're travelling from, as the bus that takes you from the car park to the airport travels to one terminal only; if you need to reach the other terminal, you can use the transit shuttle
  • If you have already booked a car park, you don’t need to re-arrange, just use the transit shuttle to get to the correct place
  • If you require help, wayfinders will be located in and around the terminals dressed in high-visibility pink vests
  • For further information, visit

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