Save the date: Article 50 decision due on 24 January

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The Supreme Court Hearing Of The Government's Brexit Ruling Challenge Enters It's Final Day
Gina Miller was picked as the lead claimant for the High Court case (Source: Getty)

Mark it up in your diary: The Supreme Court will deliver its judgment in the Article 50 decision on the morning of 24 January.

The Brexit case was heard by all 11 Supreme Court justices last month, after the government appealed a November decision from a trio of High Court judges, who ruled the government could not trigger Article 50 without first getting the thumbs up from MPs.

The initial High Court case, which was heard in October, was brought by a number of interested parties, but businesswoman Gina Miller was selected as lead claimant.

In her landmark speech yesterday, Prime Minister Theresa May promised parliament a vote on the final Brexit deal, but did not go as far as offering the same for the triggering of Article 50.

May has promised to push the button on Article 50 by the end of March, and has vowed she'll be prepared to do so even if the Supreme Court case does not go in the government's favour.

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