Thursday will be the poorest day of the year for Britons after Christmas spending sprees

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Thursday will mark the tightest year of 2017, according to a new survey (Source: Getty)
fter the party, the hangover. Christmas cheer is set to run out for good tomorrow, as a new survey shows Thursday will be the poorest day of the year for Britons.

A perfect winter storm of high spending during December and payrolls being brought forward before the holidays begin will leave Brits with a New Year tightening of their belts, according to a survey of over 2,000 people by uSwitch.

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It could take up to six months for millions of people to recover financially after a month in which spending is a third higher than average, with Brits stocking up on food and presents.

However, the survey shows UK consumers planning an austere start to the year by cutting back on non-essentials, like going out or luxury food. Seven per cent of consumers are even set to squeeze a bit of cash from selling presents and other possessions – or even stopping subscriptions to unused services.

And the squeeze could hit credit card repayments, after £11bn was put on plastic to fund Christmas spending. Nine per cent of those surveyed thought they might miss a payment.

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