Theresa May guarantees parliament a vote on the final Brexit deal

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The British Prime Minister Delivers Her Brexit Speech
The UK voted to leave the European Union on 23 June. (Source: Getty)

Prime Minister Theresa May has promised that both the House of Commons and the House of Lords will be granted a vote on a final Brexit deal.

Speaking at Lancaster House today, May said Parliament would be asked to approve the final terms of her negotiations with the European Union.

Branding the move an effort to provide "certainty", she said: "I can confirm today that the government will put the final deal that is agreed between the UK and the EU to a vote in both Houses of Parliament, before it comes into force."

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The promise means the Prime Minister's new terms with the EU could be rejected. But, quizzed on what that would mean after her speech, May said only that she expected parliament would back it.

May also made clear that the UK would terminate its membership of the Single Market, but committed to a "phased" move to the UK's new relationship with the EU.

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