Thanks Brexit: Now the price of iPhone apps are about to rise

Lynsey Barber
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Apple Holds Press Event To Introduce New iPhone
Super Mario Run will now cost £9.99 instead of £7.99 (Source: Getty)

It's not just the price of your, Freddo, Fondant Fancy and Marmite which are being pushed up by the falling value of the pound.

Apple is the latest company to raise prices, this time for apps you download from the app store by as much as 25 per cent, 9to5mac reports.

The cost of apps downloaded on your iPhone, iPad or Mac will go up from today, as will the price of in-app purchases.

Apps which were priced at 79p will now cost 99p while the cost of Nintendo's Super Mario Run iPhone game will go up to £9.99. It was priced at £7.99 when originally released late last year.

That's parity with US prices, also taking into account the UK's 20 per cent rate of VAT.

Sterling has fallen below $1.20 ahead of a speech by Prime Minister Theresa May in which she will reveal the government's most detailed plans to fate for leaving the EU.

Apple has not yet responded to a request for comment.

The US tech company raised prices across its Mac range at the same time it unveiled the iPhone 7 in November.

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