Passport queues at airports could soon become longer (you can probably guess why)

Lynsey Barber
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Passport control at Gatwick Airport
Travellers entering Britain may require different checks (Source: Getty)

Queues at Britain's airports could soon become longer as a harder border between the UK and Europe after Brexit could increase the time it takes for passengers to pass through border control.

The warning of potentially "severe disruption" comes from the Airport Operators Association which represents more than 50 airports in the UK.

The UK Border Force must employ more people to deal with the increased checks the group said, according to the BBC, as it has not kept pace with the increasing number of air travellers which is already causing long queues.

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The group, which submitted the comments to a House of Lords committee looking a the movement of people between the UK and EU, is urging the government to keep the current system of EU nationals being able to go through quicker passport checks than those from outside Europe.

If not, airports could also face spending millions on changing immigration checking facilities, in addition to the hassle for passengers.

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